Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saw Valley Fight

You have probably already heard but if you have not I want to fill you in on what happened. A story on this should also be released this weekend in the Review Journal. Members of TF Wildhorse were involved in an all day operation on the 6th that lead to a firefight in the Saw Valley in the Alingar District of Laghman. It began with a UAV locating several insurgents planting IED's in the road in lower Alingar. We conducted an airstrike and killed several of them. We then sent out a ground response that followed the enemy deep into the Saw Valley where members of the TF came under heavy enemy direct fire from all directions. The Wildhorse Troopers did very well and at the end of the day we captured a half dozen insurgents, a cache, and killed about 12 enemy. One of our soldiers did receive a minor gun shot wound through the shoulder and he put a bandage on it and continued to fight. This happened while he was actually treating a wounded enemy combatant. We were very fortunate that day. The first photo is from the Saw Valley looking back towards Mehtar Lam. The second is in front of the rock house where one of the injured insurgents was located.