Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time Video

Please visit the following link for an excellent story involving the Squadron that was filmed in Laghman:,32068,42188023001_1926394,00.html

This story was compiled by J.D. Johannes, who was embedded here with us back in August. The videos that you see are mostly in the Alishang District of Laghman. Most of the soldiers were interviewed here on FOB Mehtar Lam, and the shura that you see took place in the village of Watangatu. The soldiers tell it like it is here and J.D. was able to compare and contrast Afghanistan to Iraq.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Several UNLV and UNR alumni and supporters gathered together to pose for our very own "Battle for the Fremont Cannon" photo in support of the October 3rd game and in memory of one of our own. Pictured on the left is SSG Derek Petersen who is holding the name and number of SSG Matthew Sneck, who was a 2008 season walk on at UNR. SSG Sneck was tragically killed in a motorcycle crash in Henderson on April 1st, 2009. He had served 5 years in the Wildhorse Squadron prior to his walk on and volunteered to return for the unit to serve in Afghanistan. SSG Sneck was very well known, liked, and is greatly missed by the troopers of the squadron.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Command Sergeant Major's Battlefield Circulation Visit

CSM Richardson just returned from visiting troops in Laghman, Nangahar, Nuristan, and Paktya Provinces and brought several pictures back. The first picture is Camp Wright, Konar. The second picture of the foot bridge through the young man carrying his crops to harvest is located in Alishang, Laghman. The next series is of PRT Nangahar conducting their combat patch ceremony. The next, begining with PFC Loomis and CSM Richardson, is in Nuristan with several Wildhorse Troopers receiving their Combat Action Badges and ends with CSM Richardson addressing the troopers in formation. The final series is in Paktya beginning with CSM Richardson and 1SG Giddens in front of the "Sin City Scout" sign. I hope you enjoy these pictures and stay tuned for the next circulation.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Joint French/U.S./ANA Operation

TF Wildhorse joined forces with the French Marines and the Afghan National Army to conduct a joint patrol to root out insurgents believed to have been hiding in Southern Laghman. Pictured is MAJ Mike Glynn, the Civil Military Officer for TF Wildhorse, with several French Marines. The teams air assaulted into the village and conducted a thorough reconaissance of the area. The village was located in a steep valley surrounded by very rugged terrain.

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 Memorial Run

Team Wildhorse participated in a memorial run to honor victims of September 11th today at FOB Mehtar Lam. The run began at 9:11 AM and ended at 9:11 PM and involved many of our soldiers, airmen, and marines assigned to the Wildhorse area. The participants carried our nation's colors and their respective guidons the entire event. Most runners participated in relay teams while several others ran the entire event on their own. It was a great way to build solidarity and to show the victims and our communities back home, that we honor their sacrifices as well, and that we will never forget!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Elections Slideshow

Here is a link to the LVRJ about the elections operations here in Laghman:
Stay tuned for the Commander's thoughts on the elections.

ISAF Commander Visits PRT Kunar

PRT Kunar, with security provided by members of 2nd Platoon, India Troop, 1-221 CAV, was paid a very special visit today by the Commander of ISAF, General Stanley McCrystal (Center, tallest). Pictured to General McCrystal's left is Platoon Sergeant, SFC Cameron Anderson, along with Platoon Leader 2LT Stewart Brough to his right. SFC Anderson said he was under limited time constraints for planning and they took the General, along with other distinguished visitors, to several areas throughout the province. SFC Anderson said General McCrystal was very impressed with the Wildhorse troopers level of performance throughout the mission....Way to go guys!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taliban Murder and Injure Dozens in Laghman

This morning in Mehtar Lam, the Capitol of Laghman Province, a suicide bomber detonated himself and killed 23 people, and injured more than 50 others while many of them were participating in a Mecca pilgrimage ceremony at the opening of a new local mosque. The incident occured about a mile from FOB Mehtar Lam, where the blast could be heard, and within a few hundred meters of some of our soldiers, who just happened to be at an unrelated meeting with Laghman agricultural officials down the street. Fortunately, no Wildhorse soldiers were injured. The attack was a calculated attempt to assassinate government officials, the highest ranking killed being Dr. Abdullah Laghmani, who is the National Directorate of Security Deputy Director for Afghanistan. At least three other officials or former government officials were also killed, including the Governor's Executive Officer. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack very quickly through Pushtu media in Pashawar. LTC Cunningham, TF Wildhorse Commander, said of the attack: “This attack was outside of a mosque, in a crowded market area, during Ramadan. The Taliban have once again demonstrated that they have absolutely no regard for Islam, their fellow Muslims, or causing massive civilian casualties. This attack clearly reinforces the role of the US and Coalition Forces here, as we help the Afghan Security forces and Afghan Government in their struggle against these ruthless and savage criminals”. Right now we are doing our very best to help the victims and the community recover from this tragic incident and will be following up with them throughout the next few days and weeks. Go to to view a story on the event by the LVRJ. Updated link: and (Photos by SPC John Gragg, TF Wildhorse, U.S. Army)