Sunday, August 30, 2009

IDP Camp Re-Visit

After some downtime following the elections, the Wildhorse made a return visit to the internally displaced person's camp in the Southwest Mehtar Lam area today. It has been learned that the camp is made up of two tribes who fled an area that is controlled by the Taliban. The local government has given permission for one of the tribes to permanently reside on the camp site and we are currently working with the government to grant permission to the other. In the mean time, we are working to address the needs of the villagers, especially getting them clean drinking water. We are also hoping to make some new friends here. We donated about 2,000 lbs of humanitarian aid made up mostly of food during the visit. A boy stands next to his village well in one photo. The well is in need of repair and does not produce sufficient water for the tribes. One tribe's Malik, or leader, addresses his tribe's issues with the government leaders in the other. The group of children are waiting to receive the humanitarian aid (Photos courtesy of LTC John Cunningham).